Diabolical Crew was founded in 2003, as an online presence for a large group of friends from the Kansas City area. We were young and wild and most of us were single and having the time of our lives. We were always together and we were always out. We traveled together: Vegas, Mardi Gras, Breckenridge, and more. We threw huge parties: Christmas Shopping Crawl (benefitting Toys 4 Tots), N-Sane Lot Party, The Diabolical Canoe trip, and more.When we first started the site we mostly just took a bunch of photos and told people when and where to party with us. The site would eventually grow to contain an expansive photo gallery, polls, editorials, humor, crazy quotes, and wisdom.

As social networking expanded, the DC site grew to be way more popular than we ever anticipated, and it became increasingly clear that we really were dealing with the WORLD WIDE WEB. In a world with unlimited exposure, one must learn to limit their exposure. To that end, the DC site has changed in that it will still offer some humor, but will mostly focus on our big events and paying tribute to friends we’ve lost along the way.

Drinking In A Bar Or Lounging In Canoes Always Livin-it-up!

Drinking In A Bar Or Lounging In Clubs Always Laughin’

The DC Toast:

They say we cant keep going
living the way that we do
so just one last round
We’ll raise our drinks up
and we’ll slam our drinks down
Of course we cant keep going
but who’s got the next round?!?

But really…what is Diabolical?

Diabolical is growing up but never old.
Diabolical is singling down without settling down.
Diabolical is not forgetting who you are because of where you are.
Diabolical is striving to be who you want to be, despite who you may have been.
Diabolical is putting the time aside to just breath out, soak in, and enjoy friendship.
Diabolical is getting back on your horse when the world knocks you off.
Diabolical is getting back on your horse when you just plain fall off.
Diabolical is a lifetime of lessons learned, and sharing them with others.
Diabolical is the glue that binds those that make their own boundaries.
Diabolical is the crazy thought you shared, that you never should have said, that everyone was thinking.
Diabolical is realizing that we’re all in this together, and that it is our duty to lend a hand, and that sometimes that hand should have a drink in it.